Jin-Liang, Lin

Existence is art, I exist, therefore I am art.

Category: Art Works

  • Lin Art: Arbor Day(植樹節)Lin ART

    Lin Art: Arbor Day(植樹節)Lin ART

    March 12th is the traditional commemorative day of the Republic of China’s “Arbor Day,” as well as the “National Father’s Memorial Day.” We now remember the hardships of our ancestors’ pioneering efforts.

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  • Searching Lin(尋找林)

    Searching Lin(尋找林)

    I recently fell in love with the creation style of Line Art, which features complete structures of dots, lines, and shapes that are suitable for different themes. In the artwork of “Searching Lin,” there are a big and a small “Lin.” There are also bear paws that I like, a search engine search box, and…

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