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Home Partner

Welcome all webmasters and bloggers to join the mountos : institute Home Partner Program.

Just add our link “Jinliang Lin” to your website first, and then fill out the form below to inform. We will log your site information in the favorite link area of this page and share the many benefits of search engine optimization.


Home Partner List

  1. mountos : institute(曼特斯研究所)
  2. 鷹眼觀察(Vedfolnir)
  3. a issue(問題)
  4. 一頁詩集(Poetor)
  5. 拾選(Ten Choice)
  6. 動物人(Animalan)
  7. 迷走客(Mizuc)
  8. 在日旅行(uNippon)
  9. Tamsuian(淡水人)
  10. 淡水誌
  11. 一切在我(All on me)


  • In order to maintain the quality of exchanges, we will regularly review the content and update status of external sites. If the content of the site does not comply with domestic laws or the PR declines, this site will remove the site link without notice.
  • When the PR value of your site reaches 4 or more, please submit an application for this exchange link plan.
  • When the PR value of your site reaches 5 or more, and the nature of this site is similar, welcome to propose a full-site partner plan.
  • 2014.12.25 Supplement, since Google no longer publishes new PR values, we will apply for partners in the future and we will refer to Alexa ranking and PR values.