Jin-Liang, Lin

Existence is art, I exist, therefore I am art.

The ‘Big Ass’ in the Tamsui Cat Story, a photo taken near the Tamsui riverside, behind the Zhongzheng Road Police Station in the police designated parking lot. Today’s top model is Buttocks with a short tail. (Mysterious voice: You actually don’t know its name, do you?)

Originally, Buttocks with a short tail wasn’t always Buttocks with a short tail. Originally, the Buttocks with a short tail was a Closed-Face, resting under a car on an autumn evening, dreaming happy dreams. (Mysterious voice: Just admit that you don’t know its name!)

But when I crouched on the ground, holding the camera and took a few photos of it, it seemed to be disturbed by the sound of the shutter. It slowly opened its eyes, and our gazes met. Suddenly, there was a transformation. The Closed-Face turned into a cold and stern dead-fish face. (Mysterious voice: Are you actually insulting Buttocks with a short tail?)

With its countless expressions that are hard to decipher, it looked at me for just a few seconds before shifting its body 180 degrees, transforming into Buttocks with a short tail. (Mysterious voice: Buttocks probably just didn’t care about you!)





Date of original article publication: August 31, 2012


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