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Finding Black Cat – Tamsui Cat’s Story(尋找黑貓|淡水貓物語)

Tamsui Cat’s Story: “Finding Black Cat”, taken from the ChongJian Street in Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan Province, Republic of China (R.O.C.)🇹🇼.

Here is the oldest commercial street on the northern of Taiwan island, an ancient CBD (Central Business District) that has been operating since the Qing Dynasty of China.

The shooting location belongs to the beginning of the Tamsui Old Street, which is next to the backyard of the Mazu Temple. Because it is in a three-nothing zone, you can always see many cats every evening, sitting or lying leisurely, and blending with the community environment to form a beautiful scenery.

Recently, a batch of freshly kittens also began to be brought out to meet the world, but it is quite interesting that these newcomers are all black cats 🐈‍⬛, which is a rare cat color in this area. It’s just that in places where there are groups of black cats in the past, I always feel that they will exclude other colors, so they are often jokingly called the black society. I hope these young cats can get along with the old cats.

淡水貓物語《尋找黑貓》,拍攝自🇹🇼中華民國臺灣省新北市淡水區的重建街,這是北臺灣島最古老的第一條商業街道,自中國清代就開始經營的古代商業中心(Central Business District, CBD)。



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