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Existence is art, I exist, therefore I am art.

Lin Art: Moss(青苔)

Lin Art: Moss(青苔)

As the traditional Chinese New Year comes to an end, and families eat tangyuan, the cold rain that lasted nearly two years finally shows signs of stopping.

In the back alley of my hometown, there is a wall that still stands, despite being intentionally left by a neighbor who wanted to occupy more land when they rebuilt their old house into a high-rise decades ago. This ancient red brick wall that intersects the road is still adorable, even though people can be wicked.

Every year in late winter and early spring, new green moss spreads across the once dull and even bald brick wall. Against the grayish air, the wall comes alive with vigor.






  • 拍攝器材:蘋果 Apple iPhone 7
  • 拍攝地點:臺灣省新北市淡水區巷弄中
  • 拍攝時間:中華民國壹佰壹拾壹年貳月拾陸日拾柒拾貳拾陸分
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