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Running Black Cat – Tamsui Cat’s Story(奔跑的黑貓|淡水貓物語)

“Running Black Cat” from the “Tamsui Cat’s Story” series, taken behind the police station on Tamsui Old Street, in a dedicated parking lot that connects to the riverbank. Today’s star is a black cat. Although the photo was blurred due to unsuccessful tracking, I still want to highlight a special feature in the picture—the beautiful eyes of the cat (you need to click and view the full-size image to see).

The cats near the Tamsui riverside receive numerous visitors every day, but apart from a few superstars, most of them keep their distance from unfamiliar visitors (without food in hand). This black cat is one of the shy kitties.

The cat owners on-site mostly know not to chase after cats but instead let the cats come to them (with food in hand). Therefore, there was a guy who only carried a camera and, naturally, was as inappropriate as approaching a girl without presenting flowers.

If even women don’t want to pay attention to you, let alone the cats on the riverside, right? (Mysterious voice: Are you taking this opportunity to complain?!)

However, this black cat must have a strong “M” (mysterious) attribute. Even as it ran away from me, it still looked at me with affectionate eyes. This must be the legendary “cat’s arrogance,” right?






不過這隻黑貓肯定相當的 M 屬性阿,竟然在從我身邊逃跑的同時,眼睛依然帶著愛戀的眼神注視的我,這就是傳說中,貓的傲嬌了吧。

Original article release date: August 29, 2012

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