Jin-Liang, Lin

Existence is art, I exist, therefore I am art.

Many people love cats because they love their aloofness. Someone once said that having a cat is great because they’re not as clingy or noisy as dogs. I think they must have only played with cats; a cat’s clinginess is domineering, and their noise pierces your soul.

When visiting the true old alleys of Danshui, you can always see one or two cats passing by and then disappearing in an instant. If you quietly approach following their footsteps, you will discover them hiding in dark corners. They curl up their bodies, tensing every muscle, as if they are about to explode. Their sharp eyes seem to see through everything, penetrating deep into your heart. In that fleeting moment, your world can only accommodate them. One careless move, and you will be engulfed by their wild pride.

Indeed, cats at this moment are solitary and silent. However, if you are willing to wholeheartedly treat them and let them understand your genuine tenderness, you will witness the irresistibly endearing side of cats. Otherwise, offering cat food cans is also an option for pleasing the feline master.










  • Loaction: The secret alley of Tamsui Old Street(拍攝地點:淡水老街的秘巷中)
  • Photographic Equipment(攝影器材):Nikon Digital Single Lens Camera D90 with Tamron 90mm f2.8 Macro Lens
  • Original publication date: January 4, 2013


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