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No cat here – Tamsui Cat’s Story(這裡沒有貓|淡水貓物語)

The photo of “No Cats Here” was taken at the dedicated parking lot of the Tamsui Riverbank Police Station, which is also the main gathering place for stray cats along the Tamsui Riverbank. The star of the day is Little S and that hand.

On the left side of the photo is the hand of a kind-hearted lady (I don’t randomly take photos of people, so I won’t show it to you (?)). When I walked into the riverbank parking lot, there was only this lady who was chasing after cats and feeding them everywhere (just kidding). She was surrounded by a group of cats, illuminated by the gentle sunlight. The scene at that moment can only be described as captivating. When I first saw the scene, I could only stand there shyly.

The shy little cat eating next to her hand is the adorable sibling of Super Cute Little U, who is none other than Super Cute Little S.

Among the four KUSO brothers, Little S is much more well-behaved compared to Little U. As for Little K and Little O, both of them are black cats, and I can’t really distinguish between the two.

Speaking of which, behind Little S should be KUSO Mom. At that time, she was following Little S’s every step. However, I’m a bit confused now whether she was protecting the kitten or waiting in line for food.

Are there any cats in the photo? Well, I can’t see them. (Activate automatic mode for squinting with a hint of mischief).

這張照片拍攝自淡水河岸警察局專用停車場,也是淡水河岸貓的主要出沒地,本日最佳主角是小 S 及那隻手。


她手邊正在用餐的靦腆小貓,就是超級萌小U的親兄弟 ─── 超級萌小S。

KUSO 四兄弟給我的感覺中,小 S 比起小 U 乖順許多,至於小 K 跟小 O 兩隻都是黑貓,我實在無法辨識出誰是誰 。
話說回來,小 S 的身後,應該就是 KUSO 媽,當時的牠亦步亦趨的跟在小 S 身後。只是我現在有點搞混了,牠到底是在保護小貓,還是在排隊等餐呢?


Original Release Date: October 19, 2012

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