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Three Destinies of Stray Cats – Tamsui Cat’s Story(流浪貓的三種命運|淡水貓物語)

In the quaint town of Tamsui, numerous mysterious corners bear witness to the enigmatic presence of cats. However, during my extensive photographic observations, I discovered that despite being Stray Cats (also known as street cats) dwelling in Tamsui, they each embrace three distinct destinies.

The first type of cat

They inhabit the banks of the Tamsui River, where bustling tourists frequent the area. Places like the exclusive parking lot of the Tamsui Riverbank Police Station (inhabited by Socks, Little Orange, Empty, and others) and the tidal observation zone (home to the underworld cats) serve as hotspots for these territorial felines. Interacting harmoniously with the locals, they are especially adored by visitors. These riverbank cats, well-nourished and regularly subjected to health check-ups, exude a charming plumpness, making them irresistibly amiable — the epitome of chubby cuteness.

The second type of cat

They roam amidst markets and streets, amidst the constant flux of people. Their territorial behavior leans toward nomadic tendencies. Frequently shunned by merchants or ignorant individuals, they maintain a cautious distance from humans. Nevertheless, they possess remarkable survival skills, akin to those of stealthy ninjas, adept at blending into the bustling crowd — the embodiment of street-smart agility.

The third type of cat

They inhabit the ancient and untamed alleys of Tamsui, untouched by modern development. With infrequent encounters with passersby, they maintain a mostly non-intrusive relationship with the local residents, often even fostering friendly connections (although any unfriendly ones have already met their demise at the hands of the Tamsui district chief, sent to the animal shelter). Their territorial behavior weaves a complex tapestry, characterized by a deep aversion to unfamiliar faces and an unwavering sense of vigilance — the embodiment of untamed spirit. Just like this adorable furball today.



牠們生活在淡水河岸邊,四周有著許多觀光客來來往往,像是淡水河岸警察局專用停車場(襪子、小橘、空空等)與觀潮區(黑社會貓咪)這類貓咪熱區,地域性格為完整統領。這些貓咪們與當地住民有著良好互動,但更受觀光客們寵愛,每一隻河岸貓咪都被養得圓滾滾,並定期會被人抓去做健康檢查,這讓許多河岸貓咪都相當親人 ─── 肥呆型。


牠們生活在市場與街道之中,人來人往,地域性格偏向流浪。牠們常被商家或是蠢材驅趕,與人保持距離,但也懂得在人群中的生存之道,擁有像忍者的一流隱藏功力 ─── 慧詰型。


牠們生活在古老而未開發的淡水小巷中,過往的人稀稀疏疏,與當地住民多半保持互不侵犯,甚至是友好的關係(不友好的也已經被淡水里長抓去動保所殺掉),地域性格偏向錯綜複雜。不喜與陌生人接觸,警戒心強 ─── 狂野型。就像,今天這隻可愛的毛毛。

Photographic Information

Star of the Show: The Beautiful Cat

Location: Behind the Zushi Temple, Qingshuiyan, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, Republic of China(中華民國臺灣省新北市淡水區清水巖祖師廟後方)

Photography Equipment: Nikon Digital SLR Camera D90

Original Publication Date: October, 24, 2012

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