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Fun Fishing – Tamsui Cat’s Story(捕魚趣|淡水貓物語)

Today, I want to share with you three photos from the story of cats in Tamsui called “Fishing Fun.” These images were captured in a corner of a parking lot behind the Zhongzheng Road Police Station in Tamsui, New Taipei City, Taiwan Province, Republic of China (ROC).

In these photos, the best model is a black cat, accompanied by two supporting actors, an orange cat (Little Orange) and a calico cat (Biggy), this glamorous couple of feline love, and there is also a fish.

As I walked into the cat-filled parking lot as usual, my attention was drawn to something on the ground. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a fish! It was truly surprising.

However, I suddenly had a question: Why was there such a large fish on the ground?

Just then, a mysterious voice from above revealed the astonishing secret: “Due to the recent economic downturn, there are fewer people feeding these lovely stray cats, and the tourism revenue is not as abundant as before. So, these cats have no choice but to go fishing in the Tamsui River to fill their stomachs.”

Well, actually, these cats are beloved by people in the tourist area, and those big fish are trophies caught by nearby anglers. At the same time, I admire their intelligence and adaptability. They have used their wit and courage to find a way to survive.

These photos bear witness to the Tamsui cats and celebrate their resilience and vitality in this unique situation. I hope they can raise awareness and care for these adorable animals and remind people to provide help and support within their means. Let us work together to create a better living environment for these cats.







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