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Orange cat fairy pointing the way – Tamsui Cat’s Story(橘貓仙指路|淡水貓物語)

Is your love life not going smoothly lately? Is your financial situation facing challenges? Are you encountering unsolvable problems in your life?

Welcome, esteemed individuals, to seek guidance from the Orange Cat Fairy in Tamsui. The Great Fairy is your guiding light on land and your sailing wind on the ocean, ready to direct your life’s path and lead you to paradise.

Director, can we cut? (throws pen)

Friends who often visit Tamsui and stroll along the riverbank cat zoo must be familiar with the cat in the picture – the Great Fairy.

The Great Fairy is a legendary cat, known as the shining cat of Tamsui’s riverbank, the guiding cat of Tamsui’s riverbank, and the public relations cat of Tamsui’s riverbank – the Little Orange Great Fairy indeed.

Even if you don’t know it, it will recognize the food cans in your hands. If you don’t have any food cans, it will even rummage through your bag to find some.

Looking at the Little Orange Great Fairy’s incredibly flexible and adorable posture, isn’t this the kind of immortal presence that only appears in supernatural novels?

If you’re going through a rough patch in life and wish to seek guidance from the Little Orange Great Fairy in Tamsui, please remember to make an appointment at least forty-nine days in advance.

Well, it can’t be helped. The Little Orange Great Fairy has become so popular lately, even making it to the news. The sudden surge of cat slave fans has caused such a dilemma, you see. ˊ_>ˋ.






看著小橘大仙超級軟 Q 的筋骨以及絕妙的平衡感,這不就是在神怪小說中才會出現的仙風道骨嗎?


沒辦法,小橘大仙最近太紅,紅到都上新聞了,貓奴粉絲們突然激增就有這種困擾啊 ˊ_>ˋ。

  • 最佳主角:淡水河岸貓情侶之一:小橘
  • 攝影器材:Nikon 尼康數位單眼相機
  • 拍攝地點:中華民國台灣省新北市淡水河岸警察局專用停車場
  • Original Creation Date: November 30, 2012
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