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Three-colored cat fishing – Tamsui Cat’s Story(三花貓捕魚|淡水貓物語)

In many areas of Tamsui, R.O.C., there are actually cats roaming around. Aside from the well-cared-for (chubby) cats in the dedicated parking lot next to the police station along the Tamsui riverbank, cats in other locations often have to fend for themselves for food.

Starting from the Red Fort (also famous Fort San Domingo)and extending to the Tamsui riverbank near the Cuiyuan Japanese Charcoal Grilled Meat restaurant, there is a pedestrian and bicycle shared path that is usually a great spot for locals and tourists to admire the sunset. On the outer side of the path, there is an artificial pebble beach of the same length. Legend has it that a wealthy family in the past filled the sea and constructed the road at their own expense to prevent their doorstep from being dug into the road (rural legend).

On the pebble beach, it is common to see three to five cats wandering around lately. They come in various colors and seem to get along harmoniously, perhaps forming their own little family without any specific boundaries.

Since the pebble beach is affected by the ebb and flow of the sea, there are occasional marine creatures trapped in the crevices.

Additionally, in the evenings, there is always a group of anglers standing on the path with their fishing rods. Therefore, during my evening walks, I often see the cats silently moving, foraging, and playing on the beach as the tide recedes.

I have never witnessed them seeking affection from any humans. In the photo, the calico stray cat is holding onto the remains of a fish, only a small piece of flesh left on the bones.

I wonder if the fish was already eaten in the sea before drifting ashore or if it was discarded by a fisherman somewhere. But watching them gnaw on the meager scraps of meat while glancing back at the well-fed bellies of the cats in the Tamsui riverbank parking lot and the little orange cats, it truly evokes a sense of empathy.

This is nature, gentle in bestowing life but also filled with the harshness of facing challenges.










Information 攝影資訊

  • Location(拍攝地點):Section 1, Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan Province, Republic of China(中華民國臺灣省新北市淡水區中正路一段)
  • Photographic Equipment: Nikon DLSR D90 Camera
  • Original filming date: November 15, 2012
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