Jin-Liang, Lin

Existence is art, I exist, therefore I am art.

Snapshot Girl: Tamsui Sunset(走拍女孩:淡水夕陽)

Snapshot Girl: Tamsui Sunset(走拍女孩:淡水夕陽)

In the afternoon, while basking in the rare winter sunshine at the back door of my old house, a mother cat ran up to me and kept me company in sunbathing. I hurried back to my room and took a few photos for her with my DSLR camera.

When I was sorting through the memory card, I unexpectedly came across photos taken by me on a summer evening over two years ago by the Tamsui River.

Time really flies, and in the blink of an eye, I just finished sorting the photos, only to find several that brought a smile to my face from my youth.

From my student days to today, I have taken many photos. Apart from commercial photography, I rarely have the opportunity to organize my photos at the first time, nor do I have many chances to look back at those photos.

As a result, I have accumulated many photos in my hard drive that I have never seen, including photos from my trips abroad.

After a few years, when I look back at my own photos, I find even more surprises and emotions well up inside me, and I am able to objectively evaluate whether the photos I have taken are truly works that I like.

Well, I’m not really making excuses for my own laziness. This is just youth(?).










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