Jin-Liang, Lin

Existence is art, I exist, therefore I am art.

ARtistic Taiwan Island Design Logo(藝術台灣島形象字設計標識)

Recently, I started a new NFT (non-fungible token) project on Opensea, where I plan to create some casual doodles. When thinking of a project name, I came up with “Art Taiwan“.

To create the project’s avatar for Art Taiwan NFT, I designed a set of character logos and included ROC (the English abbreviation for the Republic of China) for national identification.

The image itself is not finely polished, appearing rough and not very neat, but the main idea is to convey a sense of casual freedom.

Personally, I would prefer the government to transform Matsu Islands into a dedicated art island, while Taiwan Island is developed as a technology hub. However, “Art” and “Matsu” cannot be combined with the “T” letter as a transitional usage. Additionally, although I love Matsu, I can’t stay there permanently due to the lack of housing, so I don’t want to take away from the glory of the people of Matsu.

最近筆者在 Opensea 上開啟一個新的NFT(非同質化代幣,Non-Fungible Token)專案,打算鑄造一些隨手塗鴉的創作,在構思專案名稱的時候特別取一個大氣的名字稱作「Art Taiwan」,中文就是藝術台灣(藝術臺灣)。

悄悄說,其實是原本想到的幾個名字都被別人佔用了,剛好Art Taiwan沒人用,所以就換我先佔了。要是你真心想要我釋出這個名字的話,只要把那個專案裡的NFT作品都買下來,我就免費送你了(笑)。

為了Art Taiwan的NFT專案頭像,筆者特別繪製了這組形象字設計標識,還附上ROC(Republic of China,中華民國的英語頭字縮寫)作為國家識別。


其實以筆者個人而言,我是比較偏好政府能將馬祖列島(Matsu Islands)規劃轉型成為一個專門的藝術島嶼,而台灣島(Taiwan Island)則是作為科技島來統合發展。不過 Art 跟 Matsu 就沒辦法玩 T 這個中間字的過渡轉用法了,再加上我雖然喜歡馬祖,但是那邊還沒有我能長期住的房子吶,不好意思搶了馬祖人的風采。

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